Information Ethics Punditry
An Independent Study at UMSI with Dr. Cliff Lampe, Jan 2015 - Present

Cartoon credit: Liza Donnelly

The Project

Punditry is a loaded word causing most pundits to choose a different moniker such as journalist, editor, or consultant. Pundits can fill these roles, but they are more than the labels assigned by them - what makes a pundit a pundit is the sharing of opinions.

In this independent study, guided by Prof. Cliff Lampe, I hope to accomplish these learning objectives:

  • Build skill in the communication of research on information to a broad public.
  • Learn how to measure or assess the interests and needs of a popular audience.
  • Critically evaluate the communication practices of social media professionals.
  • Investigate the effectiveness of different channels for communicating with a broad audience.

As the independent study progresses I will update this page with links to blog posts and other deliverables.