How the Citizens United decision will affect social media advertising in the 2012 presidential election
Written for Introduction to Information at UM LS&A, October 2011

Cartoon Credit: Jim Morin at The Miami Herald


The Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision will create an exponentially greater demand for social media advertising in the 2012 election. Super PACs will become more ubiquitous across all levels of elections – presidential to local – to take advantage of the influx of funds. Profit maximizing social media sites are working to make it easier for Super PACs to advertise on their platforms and to do it without the many disclaimers required for TV advertising. The effect of decision will be an increase in social media advertising across all platforms. In addition, because small size of social media ads and the greater Super PAC funding, voters will have more trouble discovering where the ad is coming from and the purpose of that organization.

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