In May I will be one of the first graduates to receive a Bachelor of Science in Information from the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI). As the inaugural class we are actively shaping the program for ourselves and future students, building the bridge as we cross it.

I've been able to create my own path through UMSI studying information ethics, privacy and security; participating in research doing independent studies, and making strong connections in the academic community.

The works in this portfolio represent my exploration of these issues. Check out a project or paper or just keep on scrolling...


Erin Krupka

"Whoever has the chance to interact with Cara, have her in their class, or to chat with her about research will soon find themselves trying to convince her to join their project."

Erin Krupka, Assistant Professor of Information
I recently took Theories of Social Influence taught by Erin Krupka and I am currently enrolled in her Choice Architecture course. Outside of the classroom, I am assisting with Erin's behavioral economics research.

John King

"Cara is a natural leader."

John L. King, William Warner Bishop Collegiate Professor of Information
John King is the director of my bachelor's program and was previously the Dean of the School of Information. I took the program's central course, Information Environments and Work, with him.


Editorial cartoon the Netherlands

An Overview of Information Policy in
The Netherlands

The Dutch are finding creative, citizen-centric solutions to complex policy problems. This paper discusses copyright, digital markets, privacy, and digital govermnent in the Netherlands and how these sectors fit into greater EU policies.

Editorial cartoon Bitcoin

The Silk Road - Anonymous Deepnet Marketplace

An analysis of the infamous " for drugs" as an online community by discussing the socio-technical processes and infrastructure that made the site successful as well as popular reactions. Soon after this paper was written, the FBI seized its servers and founder, closing the marketplace.

Editorial cartoon privacy

The Market for Personally Identifying Information

This paper asks the question, "What would it take to have transparency in the market?" by discussing the economic forces, legislation attempts, and an interesting case of a data aggregator implementing transparency policy without being required to do so. Though the policy was created though self interest, Adam Smith would argue it leads to greater efficiency in the market.

Editorial cartoon Citizens United

How Citizens United will affect social media advertising in the 2012 Presidential election

An economics-focused analysis that predicts increased supply, demand, and price in the market for social media ad space, as well as a new difficulty for voters trying to determine who is paying for these text-sparce ads. Written my first semester at U of M.


Team Dig

Part of the Citizen Interaction Design practicum

Aging infrastructure in Jackson, Michigan has necessitated intense downtown construction. Our team was challenged with keeping citizens informed and engaged with the city, even with a 30 foot pit in the middle of Main St. We used communication skills and engagement techniques to create a comprehensive two-phase plan.

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Guerilla UX and Info Analysis

Impacting product development pathways at Upinion

At Amsterdam tech start-up Upinion I worked on multiple teams to facilitate information sharing and comprehension. During my time there the company was considering a pivot, so I gathered information directly from users informally through mindfullness, and more formally through use-tracking and focus groups. This information shaped the pivot and the purpose of the product.

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Information Ethics Punditry


Interested in the effect of punditry on the field of information ethics and relevant stakeholder groups, I have begun a guided exploration with both educational and experiential goals. I will update this project site with my ongoing work as it is produced.

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Behavioral Economics Research


I am currently assisting with two behavioral economics reseach projects: one on false green lables in consumer markets and a pre-pilot concept that there is a vicious cycle in online descriptive norms for information sharing.

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